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Resources For Natural Detoxification

•NDF (Nano-colloidal Detox Factors), “detox without a healing crisis,” is made by BioRay, Inc. It is the newest of the new generation of agents, takes the toxins out through the urine. 1-310-473-1813. Their website is:  Sold only through practitioners 
•Metal-Free, an oral detox spray, is made by Body Health. It takes the toxins out through the bowel. 877-804-3258 and the web site is:
• PCA, made by Maxam Neutraceuticals, 800-800-9119,
• Matrix, Inc. oral supplements for detox, developed by Hal Huggins, DDS, 888-843-5832.
• Nature’s Balance, a source for high quality chlorella, cilantro extract and other products, 800-858-5198, and their web site is:
• Institute for Health Realities, Colorado Springs, CO, a resource for testing, evaluation, detoxification and recovery. 1-800-414-3438 or see their web site,
• LL’s Magnetic Clay, Clay baths for mercury and for other toxins 1-800-257-3315.